Related Celebrates Ooredoo Kuwait's Nojoom Program as 'Best Loyalty & Rewards Program' in the Middle East

Related Celebrates Ooredoo Kuwait's Nojoom Program as 'Best Loyalty & Rewards Program' in the Middle East
Date: December 12, 2023
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Author: Related's Team

Related, the 7x award-winning martech company, is thrilled to announce the prestigious recognition of Ooredoo Kuwait's Nojoom Program as the "Best Loyalty & Rewards Program in the Middle East." This remarkable achievement showcases the successful collaboration between Ooredoo Kuwait and Related, highlighting their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and innovative solutions in the telecommunications industry.

Nojoom, Kuwait's largest loyalty initiative, has established itself as a transformative force in the loyalty program landscape. Related has worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive rewards platform that offers unparalleled value and tailored experiences for Ooredoo's esteemed customers. Nojoom's diverse range of rewards spans multiple sectors, including F&B, Shopping, Insurance, Health & Fitness, Electronics, Home Furnishing, Travel, Entertainment, Supermarkets, and more, ensuring that customers can enjoy a wide array of benefits.

Operating seamlessly throughout the GCC and the Middle East, the Nojoom Program has become synonymous with personalized engagement and loyalty. Related's cutting-edge technology and expertise have played a pivotal role in shaping Nojoom into a program that delivers moments of happiness across the customer experience journey.

Telecom Review, the highly respected magazine covering major telecom events across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, crowned Ooredoo Kuwait's Nojoom Program with the esteemed title of the 'Best Loyalty & Rewards Program in the Middle East' at the Telecom Review Summit. This recognition further solidifies Related's position as a leader in loyalty and rewards solutions, showcasing our dedication to driving innovation and delivering exceptional results. 

Related’s founder, Rabih Farhat, had his take on this special win that he stated: “This is another testament to our high standards, creativity, and innovation in delivering best-in-class loyalty and rewards programs that compete with the international and regional solution”.

Together, we continue to redefine the loyalty landscape, enabling brands to engage customers, drive loyalty, and deliver unforgettable experiences.