Ooredoo's Nojoom Rewards Program



Revamping Nojoom to a Digital-First and Profitable Reward Program

Ooredoo Kuwait, formerly known as Wataniya Telecom, is a member of Ooredoo Group. They provide mobile, broadband internet, and corporate-managed services tailored to the needs of customers and businesses. 

When Ooredoo, sought to revamp its existing reward program, we stepped in and redefined its loyalty strategy to meet customer expectations in the digital age, and shifted its loyalty program from cost-centric to profit-centric.

Our guiding principle when it comes to designing loyalty programs promotes a high level of user experience in an age of smart devices and digital transformation. That’s why we were naturally aligned with Ooredoo’s strategy which is basically getting people to enjoy the internet.

We looked at the existing program’s (“Nojoom”) customer data & market trends and revamped it into a program that would allow a shift from in-store rewards to a whole digitized experience. That’s where the Reward Catalogue came in; an adaptive platform with a huge variety of rewards relevant to each customer. With the region on the edge of becoming the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce playground, our choice of a marketplace model was on point.

This allowed Ooredoo to be the first mobile operator to go to market due to the plug-and-play characteristic of our technology, which not only enhanced user experience but also increased program profitability.

The Nojoom program now has one of the largest partner networks in the region, with over 300 brands offering, earning, and redemption options to their customers. Meanwhile, the Reward Catalogue gives its customers access to a wide spectrum of alluring offers from discounts, buy-1-get-1, vouchers, and VIP treatment experiences.

For this matter, Related was awarded “Best loyalty and reward program in the Telecom industry” for Nojoom Loyalty Program - Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit.


Increase in Customer Enrollment and Redemption

Increase in Program Profitability

Customer Satisfaction

AR Game in Loyalty Program in the Region


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